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July 12, 2018

Weekly JavaScript Newsletter


Welcome to this week JavaScript Newsletter :)

I recently got unemployed and I'm searching for freelance gigs right now, want to try that out. Also doing my Solopreneur projects to make it big (fake it till you make it). So I was thinking about leaving this newsletter, but hey, I don't like to give up that easily.

Some times I feel like I'm too old to do to big things.
But did you know that the average age for a successful startup founder is 45? And guess what? programmers do get jobs even at 50+ and some are just getting started at learning at 30+, so we are in a good place.

Also, did you know that there is now a VIM editor in the browser (experiment), what is so cool about it? WebASM was the compilation target for a project that is not done in JS, in this case VIM. This means that you might in the future code in another language and compile it to JS. Admittedly that already exists, but now you can get languages that did not support it before to support it. Also means a lot for the future of gaming/VR in the browser, and projects that already target things like a CLI or desktop apps can be ported to web. Look at this from 2011.

To put another example checkout WebASM and Go article.

Oh, did you know that now I post daily code snippets related to JS in my Twitter and Instagram? Check them out.

Now, lets get some fun with JavaScript. You can read this online too.


If you use NPM (probably you do), you should know how sometimes some packages get compromised (like eslint-scope this month), so what should you do if you use packages for production apps? Subscribe to NPM status updates.

If you instead use YARN (I don't), you can get status updates too on their status pages, for email check the subscribe button on the bottom of the page. Not sure tho if they check packages for vulnerabilities. NPM does since recent versions.

Also, remember to enable Two-Factor authentication for better NPM security if you publish packages.

Also from NPM news:

Now, lets get some cool links:

In case your stuck, Help! I'm stuck!.



A Roadmap to becoming a React Developer in 2018

Go get it champ! react-developer-roadmap

The Perils of Using a Common Redux Anti-Pattern

Common pitfalls associates with Redux, how to recognize them and avoid them. Steven Scaffidi

Using React Context in a TypeScript App

Shares some experience using Context API in TypeScript from React 16. Mehdi Raza

React components for handling state.

Includes a set of tiny, composable React components for handling state with render props. For example BooleanValue. Includes examples for things like Toggle, Counter, Time Picker, etc. react-values

A guide to React onClick event handlers

Listening to Events, Binding methods, custom components and events. Yomi


Colors for your terminal

Kleur has no dependencies, is lightweight and fast, supports nested and chained colors, does not modify JS core String.prototype, supports printf, conditional colors and has a familiar API. Check it out. kleur

Foundations of Machine Learning

Site for the nice Course from Bloomberg ML EDU foml

Also, check out this other similar projects, and get the one you like:

Honeypot application for security

Low interaction honeypot that displays real time attacks Honeypot

Delete old tweets

Automatically delete your old tweets with Node.js and webtask. Check out the code to learn about webtask. ephemeral-tweets

Some other interesting articles/projects:


Check out this amazing tools:

CheatSheets in your CLI

Access a lot of community driven cheat sheets from your CLI.

Did you know that Firefox allows you to resend a request in their DevTools network panel? You can also edit it before re-sending it. And you can in Chrome Dev Tools replace an image with one from your computer with Local Override features.



So this time I'll keep this section short, just one example of another way you can make money with Code.

Do you know Sindre Sorhus? Actively maintains 1100+ npm packages (woaah!). You can live from open source! It is not easy tho, for example if you have 1100 unused open source projects, probably you wont cut it tho. You also need to let people now about it. Check out Sindre patreon page.

Some cool projects:


Fun Projects

Closing Comments

If you have any feedback or want help with some code questions, reach me at me [at]

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