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July 04, 2018

Weekly JavaScript Newsletter


Welcome to this week JavaScript Newsletter :)

Hope you get a nice overview of this week in the JavaScript World, read what is useful to you, skip most I guess.

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Three upcoming changes to JavaScript that you’ll love

What about this one?
console.log(data.user?.address?.street); Justin Fuller

Check out this repo for Tracking ECMAScript Proposals and the always useful Can I Use website for JS and CSS features.

Mastering Modular JavaScript

Module thinking, principles, design patterns and best practices. mastering-modular-javascript

Also check out:


Vue Powered eCommerce 1.0

A Vue powered PWA / Headless storefront that connects to any back-end through API (eg. Magento 2). Reached version 1.0 with a lot of goodies. Vue Storefront

If you like Gatsby, you could also build a eCommerce PWA with Gatsby.

Vue Patterns (GitHub)

A nice compilation/reference of Vue patterns with code snippets, check it out. learn-vuejs

i18n and translations for your Vue powered site

An article that guides you on adding i18n support to your site. Dobromir Hristov

Building a PDF viewer with Vue

First part of a series of articles talking about PDF.js with Vue and Webpack.

Also if you are building PDF files with JS code, check out PDFKit. I recently made a simple PDF generator for an online shop to help them with their WhatsApp customers, really useful.

Make HTTP Requests to Remote Web Services in NativeScript-Vue

NativeScript creates a native Android / iOS application, this shows you the NativeScript way of doing HTTP requests to a Web Service. NIC RABOY

Understanding JSX compilation in VueJS

If you wanted to know how JSX works, here is a little article to help you understand more. TADAVARTHY SAI YASWANTH

More from Vue:

If you want more Vue in your Inbox, get the Official Vue Newsletter in here.

And if you're looking for Vue Jobs check out this site.


How to use TypeScript to build better React Apps

I love TypeScript, check out this nice little overview on how to use it for React. Amit Gilad

If you're looking for React jobs check out this site

A simple (99% ES2015 less) tutorial for React

A nice way to lear React by example, you read the comments on the HTML source file. No tools needed, just plain old JS. kay-is/react-from-zero

Universal CMS framework using React & Apollo (alpha)

An agnostic CMS framework that allows you to build a CMS in React JSX. Canner/canner

The Caffeina approach to ReactJS

Clean Code saves Devs, really. Riccardo Canella

Some more:

If you love React, subscribe to Kent C. Dodds Newsletter.


Crash Course on Serverless APIs with Express + MongoDB

A nice long article for serverless with Express. Adnan Rahic

How to get your User IP details in Express

Little tutorial on how to get info on your users location, just in time since I'm building a site soon that needs GeoIP information. Oyetoke Tobi Emmanuel

NodeJS App Structure

Nice article with some tips on how to structure your projects. I should probably take notes since a best friend complains constantly about my structure for a project... hey I also have opinions. Deepak Gupta

8 Node.js Web Socket Libraries for 2018

Including socket.ui, ws, socksjs, websocket node, socketcluster, feathers, faye-websocket-node and websocket as promised. Read all the details in the article, plus other mentions. Jonathan Saring

Some more:


The Best Image Compression Tools For The Web

14 tools to help you speed up your site with optimized images. CHARLIE FURPHY

Also check out Improving Performance Perception: On-Demand Image Resizing

Zero-config tool for locally-trusted certificates

mkcert is a simple tool for making locally-trusted development certificates, useful when testing with HTTPS on your local environment. FiloSottile/mkcert

Performance Auditing with Firefox Dev Tools

A deep dive into the performance tools from Firefox. SitePoint

Mozilla is doing lot of things now, check out their new Security Tool too.

And some more:


Aurelia Tips & Tricks

Aurelia is JS framework for the web, mobile and desktop. This articles has some tips and tricks for it. I Like Kill Nerds

Also check Why I Prefer Aurelia Over Angular, React & Vue .

The guide to integrating and styling icon systems

Now that SVG is getting a lot of love, check this nice article about inline SVG and icon components. Claudia Romano

Some RxJS:


This is an experimental section, maybe to get some motivation? Let me know what you think.

Here are some some cool projects built by people like you and me:

Convert HTML to PDF

An API to convert your HTML to PDF, with a JS library. Check out the Indie Hackers page for PDFShift, project is about a month old. PDFShift

Hubstaff reaches $4 million ARR

Quoting: "We added the same revenue in last 1 year v/s in the previous 5 years". Remote Marketing

Adam Plaga from IndieHackers is running a Marketing Hacks Newsletter, check it out. And made its first $3.

And check out How to Create GDPR-Compliant Software .


Snapshot Testing Angular Applications

Jest Snapshot tests are useful to make sure your UI does not change unexpectedly. izifortune

Beginners Guide to Service Workers and Angular

A nice tutorial with sample code from Ari Lerner. ng-book


Fun Projects

Closing Comments

Here are some interesting things I learned this week.

Create a tsconfig.json file in your VSCode project to get some great features for free

Works even if you're just using plain JS. Great for small snippets, or small projects. Sample tslint.json:
{ "include": ["src/*.ts", "src/*.js"], "exclude": ["node_modules/**"] }

Wallaby.js rocks. If you do a lot of TDD (Test Driven Development) it is worth the $100, been using it for my TypeScript projects.

This video about JavaScript, TypeScript and PureScript makes me want to try PureScript in my next project. Also been looking at ClojureScript with Figwheel. Check out this nice Dev Tool video from the creator of Figwheel: Developing ClojureScript with Figwheel. Some nice Dev Tool features in there!

After evaluating MongoDB for saving logs, using a self-hosted ELK stack and many paid tools, I ended up using Logsene (not sponsored) for my log management and analytics. Basically I have different Node apps (plus micro-services) and have them all send the logs with Winston to Logsene. Pretty cool since they have a 500MB/day free plan, and reading log files sucks. Also check out this article on events vs logs.

Another product I'm using a lot is Mailgun (not sponsored). It has a nice library for sending emails with Node. This site uses Mailgun free plan for sending the newsletter, at least until I reach 10,000 subscribers :)

Sometimes is better to rebuild from the ground up, like Apple Maps.

Puppeteer is great for automation and bots.

Devops don't have JavaScript Fatigue, but they have Alert Fatigue.

Oh, you can test your CSS/SASS.

Hey, that's all for today. Finally...
promise .then(result => {···}) .catch(error => {···}) .finally(() => {···});

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