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June 27, 2018

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JavaScript Snippet

Today code snippets, lets start with some useful functions, specially for loops:
const data = {one: 1, two: 2, three: 3}; Object.values(data); // [1, 2, 3] Object.entries(data); // [["one", 1], ["two", 2], ["three", 3]] Object.keys(data); // ["one", "two", "three"]

What about this small valid JS snippet, a good IDE should help you avoid this:
const ups= [1,,2,,3]; ups.length // 5


A hackable slideshow framework built with Vue

Supports animations, themes, interactive widgets, easy to reuse components, slides and styles, plus lot more. eagle.js

Flexible, Scalable boilerplate for VUE

A production-ready PWA boilerplate focused on performance, development speed and best practices. vue-starter

Announce useful information to screen readers

Useful to make your app accessible to people with visual disabilities, tell them what is happening, like process bars, etc. vue-announcer

RxJS integration for Vue.js

If you like RxJS (reactive programming) you'll love this. vue-rx

Getting To Know the New Vue-cli 3 User Interface

Quoting: "This awesome tool allows Vue developers to graphically create a new Vue project, live monitor app performance, add plugins to an existing project, and more." Brandon Lyons

How to build a real-time editable data table in Vue.js

How to build a real-time editable data table in Vue.js using Hamoni Sync as the real-time state synchronisation service. Peter Mbanugo

Evan You on Proxies

A nice learning video if you love Vue and Evan You Vue Mastery

Also check out:


ReactJS Curriculum

A nice list of resources for learning React. learn

5 Most Common Drop-down Use Cases Solved with React Downshift

Downshift is a library that helps you build drop-down components or autocomplete components.

A Select control built with and for React JS

Already 12k stars on GitHub, looks awesome! react-select

If you like reading, there is a 50% off from some React books on Manning Publications (today June 27, 2018) check it out at Manning.


How To Upload a File to Object Storage with Node.js

A nice article for Object Storage on Digital Ocean Digital Ocean

This site / newsletter is hosted on Digital Ocean, you can use this code to get $10 from them, plus support this site.

Tools + Open Source

Functional props composition for components

Library for composing props (object that components receive to render themselves), integrates with different libraries. proppy

Generate reports about dependencies and dependents

Works for JavaScript and TypeScript files, supports import and require statements. deps-report

Sourcerer App

A nice tool to generate a visual profile if you use a lot of GitHub. sourcerer-app

Video.js 7 is here!

This nice player framework got a new upgrade, drops support for older IE browsers. video.js

Also check out:

Universal JavaScript

Broadcast Channel that works in old/new browsers, WebWorkers and Node

Allows simple communication between browsing contexts with the same origin or different NodeJs processes. broadcast-channel

An extensive math library for JavaScript and Node

Supports numbers, big, complex, fractions, units, strings, arrays and matrices. Mathjs

Courses, Books, Videos

The Scrimba site has some nice tutorials, plus a nice playground for you to test the code, check out some of their FREE courses:

If you use the command line a lot (you should learn a bit at least), this collection of pure bash snippets will be very useful.

Also check out DevTube, a site that lets you get all the Dev videos you need in one place.

And here are some good YouTube videos:


I'm adding some non JavaScript articles in here, hope you find them useful! If not, let me know.

Stepping up your javascript debugging skills

A short overview about debugging in JS plus some useful links. Periklis Gkolias

How Dropbox grew 3900% with a referral system

TLDR; Give your users something in exchange of sharing, and show them the progress. viral loops

Why we all choose to not pay back tech debt

A nice read about technical debt, something we sometimes forget to pay. UselessDevBlog

6 Git AHA Moments

Some nice concepts and things you might not know or remember about Git. Henrik Warne

My commit message workflow

Commit messages and some tips. Shreyas Minocha

Web Caching Explained by Buying Milk at the Supermarket

Server and Browser-side caching explained. Kevin Kononenko

Advice On Getting Your First Job as a Developer

Expectations, finding the right job and some more. Belen Albeza

The best ways to test your serverless applications

Talks about Serverless with JavaScript + Node Slobodan Stojanovic

Drawing images with CSS gradients

Sounds like fun, looks like fun. css-tricks

Updating UIs: value comparison VS mutation tracking

Quoting: "In this article I will explain how these two approaches work and why I personally think one is better than the other for keeping UIs in sync with your application state". ITNext


Cool CodePen stuff


Last words

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