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June 18, 2018

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JavaScript modules now on all major browsers

Great news for those that support latest browser versions. twitter

Announcing Gatsby v2 beta

Hotter Hot Reloading, improved APIs, upgraded dependencies, what's next and the migration guide. Gatsby


Awesome design patterns

A curated list of software and architecture related design patterns. awesome-design-patterns

A clone Youtube Web Player using React

Provider Pattern, React Context and Typescript. reactube-client

Apollo and GraphQL for Vue.js

Just got some new documentation, this is a lib to help you integrate GraphQL in your Vue.js apps. Has automatic updates, in-template components and is SSR ready. vue-apollo

JavaScript Animation Engine

A lightweight JavaScript animation library. Works with any CSS Properties, individual CSS transforms, SVG or any DOM attributes, and JavaScript Objects.
anime({ targets: 'div', translateX: [ { value: 100, duration: 1200 }, { value: 0, duration: 800 } ], rotate: '1turn', backgroundColor: '#FFF', duration: 2000, loop: true }); anime

Akita, State Management for Angular

Akita is a state management pattern, built on top of RxJS. akita

A React Router

Beautifully simple isomorphic routing for React projects. buttermilk

The Mobile Security Testing Guide

A comprehensive manual for mobile app security testing and reverse engineering. owasp-mstg

Canch2 ftsc regular ble Async Flows

Quoting: "CAF is a wrapper for function* generators that treats them like async functions, but with support for external cancelation via tokens". CAF

Client-side search

Vuex binding for client-side search with indexers and Web Workers. vuex-search

Vuejs 2 Notification Center

9 types of toast notifications (async, confirm, prompt, html and more...). vue-snotify


D3 & React

The simple, functional way. dpren

Surprising polymorphism in React applications

Talking about state manager pattern from React/Redux based on Reducers. Where does this polymorphism comes from? medium

Using JavaScript modules on the web

This article explains how to use JS modules, how to deploy them responsibly, and how the Chrome team is working to make modules even better in the future. google developers

Building Renderless Components in Vue.js Handle CRUD Operations. Wrapper components (renderless) that fetch data and pass it to child components.

React Server-Side Rendering from Scratch

Quoting: "We will implement a basic server-side rendering React app from scratch using express".

React Fragments

The end of the wrapper div. getstream

Building AR/VR with Javascript and HTML

A comprehensive resource list for building engaging Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences using Web technologies.


Async programming basics

... that every developer should know in 2018. DEV

Coding the 5 Basic RESTful actions for JavaScript

Coding getAll(), getOne(), create(), update(), and destroy(). ITNext

What the for loop

Interview questions and how to solve them. DEV

Why Narative loves Gatsby

Narative is a digital studio that focuses on creating the best brands and products in the world. narative

The Trouble with D3

The misconception that to do data visualization one must learn and use all of d3, and to use d3 one must learn all of data visualization. DailyJS

Benefits of Functional Programming by Example

Quoting: "Rather than learning more theoretical aspects of functional programming, we’ll look at some examples of how to improve existing JavaScript code using functional programming". Medium

Dealing with NaN in JavaScript

Eliminating some confusion on NaN. codetobits


TIL console.log entries will not get garbage collected

You could run out of memory by running console.log in a loop. reddit



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