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June 16, 2018

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June 2018 Security Releases

In case you missed it, Node Security Releases for June. node


Reconciling GraphQL and Thrift at Airbnb

Quoting: "This is the story of how we got the two groups talking and built something that works for everyone." Airbnb Engineering & Data Science

What if JavaScript wins?

What if network effects push it into being the first-ever truly dominant programming language? Medium

FizzBuzzBazz: How to answer and how NOT to answer

Don’t let a little twist to FizzBuzz lead you down a rabbit hole. ITNext

Tutorials, Guides

Avoiding infinite loops inside JavaScript callbacks

... with a TDD approach to avoiding infinite loops. Medium

Create a Server in Hapi JS

Quoting: "This article kick off the basic introduction of Hapi JS and its tools." Medium

Building Vue.js Applications Without webpack

How to use browsers support for ES6 Modules and Browsersync (for page reloading). MarkusOberlehner

Making a recommendation engine IN THE BROWSER (AI)

8 minutes video tutorial for Machine Learning in JavaScript using brain.js YouTube

How to handle authentication with Node using Passport.js

Step by step explanations for: Handling protected routes, Handling JWT tokens, Handling unauthorized responses, Creating a basic API and Creating models & schemas. freeCodeCamp

Flappy Bird Game JavaScript Tutorial

Learn to create a flappy bird game using pure JavaScript. YouTube

Automating iTerm with JXA

JXA is JavaScript Application Scripting. Medium

Managing State in React With Unstated

Quoting: "Unstated is an alternative that provides you with the functionality to manage state across multiple components with a Container class and Provider and Subscribe components". css-tricks


JSON Studio

A minimalist JSON viewer and editor.


JavaScript/WebGL real-time face tracking and expression detection library

Quoting: "With this library, you can build your own animoji embedded in Javascript/WebGL applications. You do not need any specific device except a standard webcam." jeelizWeboji

Litterpad Blog Engine

Quoting: "Letterpad is an open-source and a high performant publishing engine for blogs built with react & grahql and is ridiculously fast rocket". Lots of nice features including server side rendering, markdown editor, etc. letterpad

UI library for creating Web Components

With simple and functional API. 606 stars on GitHub, last update 4 days ago. hybris

React UI library based on styled-components

It is focused on developer experience and accessibility. 638 stars on GitHub, last update 22 hours ago. smooth-ui

Animation library

Mimics CSS keyframes when scrolling.
const myAnimation = new Motus.Animation( new Motus.Point(100), // set animation start position in px new Motus.Point(200), // set animation end position in px { 50: { // make font size 10 px before it hits 50% of the distance (in this case <150px) fontSize: 10, // px by default }, 100: { // make font size 20 px after 50% fontSize: 20, // px by default } } ); motus

JavaScript API for face detection and face recognition

Works in the browser with tensorflow.js. With examples for face similarities, face extraction, face recognition, live video face detection. face-api.js



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