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June 11, 2018

JavaScript Newsletter

Concurrent marking in V8

Chrome 64 and Node.js v10 now lets your JavaScript apps continue executing while V8 garbage collector does something called concurrent marking. V8

Architect, the Killer Serverless Framework

Check out this article about arc. Arc orchestrates and leverages AWS primitives without frustrating configuration. Reify

The Dangers of Malicious Modules

Covers security risks with OSS/third-party code in npm. intrinsic

Better JS apps with Webpack and Poi

Poi is a zero-configuration bundler built on top of Webpack. This posts is about how to set up your JavaScript application, bundle it using Webpack, and configure it with Poi. Bits And Pieces

Complex Loader Management

For Vue/Vuex and Nuxt applications. Vue-Wait

A library to customize SVG icons

Icon custom customization (size and colors) sounds like a nice idea, this library includes 90+ icons and is ready to rock!
<i data-vi="layers" data-vi-size="96"></i> vivid.js

Loving React Fiber

React Fiber is an ongoing re-implementation of React's core algorithm, here is an article with a bit of info on why it is so great. freeCodeCamp

When to use Control Props or State Reducers

A short article comparing two similar patterns that enable many of the same use cases. kentcdodds

5 common practices that you can stop doing in React

Optimizing React right from the start, Server-Side rendering for SEO, Inline Styles and CSS imports, nested ternary operator, and closures in React. LogRocket

How to use React createRef

createRef was introduced to React in version 16.3. In this tutorial you'll learn how to interact with the DOM using refs, quoting React site: "Refs provide a way to access DOM nodes or React elements created in the render method." LogRocket

Manage feature flags and remote config

Works across the web, mobile and server side applications. Continuous integration, fast builds, control who has access to your features. BulletTrain

Minimalist framework for static websites with Vue

Includes common transforms by default (babel, sass, etc), you can customize babel and webpack configs, serve static files, fetch data and more. Saber.js

Pros and cons of functional programming

Why should you consider functional programming? Here are some pros and cons for you. ITNext

Fast prototyping with Sketch and Vuetify

From idea to prototype in no time, using the Material Theme Plugin for Sketch an Material Design Component Framework Vuetify. Medium

Testing Vue Components with Mocha and Webpack

Some steps to Vue + TDD. Medium

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