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June 10, 2018

JavaScript Newsletter

Serverless GeoSearch GraphQL API

Using AWS AppSync and Elasticsearch build a geo search service similar to AirBnB. Serverless

Serverless for Data Science (11 min video)

A talk about deploying a simple web app to AWS Lambda using Zappa. YouTube

Supporting React Native at Pinterest

Technical evaluation process, organizational evaluation process, benefits of React Native and decision. Pinterest Engineering

Top 10 JavaScript errors from 1000+ projects (and how to solve)

Cannot read property, undefined is not an object, null is not an object unknown script error, object does not support property, undefined is not a function, maximum call stack, cannot read property length, cannot set property and event is not defined. Rollbar

SVG-Based Image Placeholder

LQIP is a technique for low quality image placeholders, basically this is used to show a placeholder image approximating the features of the image that will be loaded. SQIP

Observe the rect of a DOM Object

Quoting: "A lot of things can change the position or size of an element, like scrolling, content reflows and user input. This utility observes and notifies you when your element's rect changes."
let rectObserver = observeRect(node, rect => { rect.left;; rect.height; rect.width; }); ObserveRect

Webpack plugin to inline critical CSS

Your CSS gets inlined and the rest is lazy loaded.
module.exports = { plugins: [ new Critters({ // optional configuration (see below) }) ] } Critters

Build Canvas/WebGL interfaces with React

Build to be an optional React-TV renderer, focused mainly in creating things for TV, PS4, Switch, PS Vita, PS3 and low memory devices. React Ape

Statistical analysis tool for performance testing

Sample usage:
# Load the specified page 100 times with "headless = false" hiper -n 100 "" -H false Hiper

Build forms in React

A way to improve on forms with React, usable with TypeScript. formik

Framework for UI codebases

Quoting: "Types-First UI is an opinionated framework using TypeScript for building long-lived, maintainable UI codebases." types-first-ui

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