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June 09, 2018

JavaScript Newsletter

Augmented Reality for the Web

Very fast (60 fps on a 2 year-old phones), web-based, open source and uses standards like webgl and webrtc. AR.js

Machine Learning for the Web

ml5.js is a friendly high level interface to TensorFlow.js, implemented to aid on making machine learning accessible to a broad audience of artists, creative coders and students. ml5.js

Puppeteer 1.5.0

Now with Browser Context, Workers to interact with Web Workers and a new site for docs.
const context = await browser.createIncognitoBrowserContext(); const page = await context.newPage(); Puppeter

Deploying to AWS Lambda using Serverless

A nice step-by-step tutorial for deploying into AWS Lambda, with a real-life case scenario with environment variables, proper monitoring, and easy debugging.

A Flat, Simple, Hackable Color-Picker

A nice looking full featured color picker without external dependencies.
const pickr = Pickr.create({ el: '.color-picker' }); Pickr

Replacing jQuery with Vue

Building a basic online invoice page, from jQuery to Vue SitePoint

Building a FaceBook Pages post scheduler

A React app with an interface to schedule text and images posts for Facebook pages. Quantizd

PDF creation with web technology

A nice tool to create PDFs with HTML or Pug, while writing the content with a minimal syntax similar to Markdown or LaTeX. ReLaXed

Minimalist alternative to Moment.js

2k immutable date library with largely the same API of Moment.js, parses, validates, manipulates, and displays dates and times for modern browsers. Day.js

Element - Vue 2 UI Toolkit

Component library for developers, designers and product managers. Includes design guidelines for designers and resources for visual drafts. Element

Debugging projects with VS Code & Chrome Debugger

Quoting: "This article covers two tools to help you debug like a pro." NO console.log for you. SitePoint

Accessible Character Counter

Short and Sweet. With no dependencies, easy setup and accessible.
shortAndSweet('textarea', { counterClassName: 'my-short-and-sweet-counter' }); ShortAndSweet

React Typescript CheatSheet

A CheatSheet for those using TypeScript with react. React Typescript CheatSheet

Medium: Migrating to React and GraphQL

Quoting: "Migrating an entire system to new tools and frameworks isn’t an easy task. And doing that while not impacting feature development? That’s even harder" InfoQ

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