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June 08, 2018

JavaScript Newsletter

30 Seconds of Interviews

A nice long list of common questions on JS interviews, with answers. fejes713

UI Toolkit for managing JS apps

Quoting: A tool for visually organizing, creating, and managing JavaScript projects. It doesn't matter if it's front-end or a back-end app, or what framework it's using. If it has a package.json, it belongs here. JSUI

Lessons from three services in three months

Ideas, tech stack, money spent, lessons learned... it's all there. freeCodeCamp

Structuring projects and naming components in React

A nice write up on how to name your containers/components and structure your folders. HackerNoon

Source Code for JSConfEU Generative Visuals

See how ThreeJS/WebGL and Canvas code was used to make beautiful visual art on JSConfEU. mattdesl

Reusable UI Web Components

In case you didn't know yetWeb Components is native way to create reusable custom elements, think React components but native. Useful for high-level components to re-use in other frameworks. ITNext

GitLab's Paid plans are free for education/open-source projects

Ultimate and Gold plans on SaaS and self-hosted offerings. Oh and XCode 10 integrates now with GitLab too. GitLab

The True Meaning of Unit Testing

In case you're wondering, unit testing is... CodeWithoutRules

WebHook Example

How to build a chatbot from scratch Sipios

Introducing Network.framework

A modern alternative to Sockets Apple

Hidden properties in JavaScript

A nice short write up on hiding properties in JS. One example with Symbols:
let theSecretKey = Symbol("meaning of life"); myObject[theSecretKey] = 42; ITNext


The Battle continues, and it seems both are almost on the same level now. Use NPM if you care about Facebook tracking or using their hosted packages. My recommendation is to use NPM since that's the official one. RamesesLabs

React Native Mapbox Augmented Reality SDK

The beta SDK for a React Native component for building cross platform augmented reality applications. Requires an account with Mapbox. Mapbox

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