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June 07, 2018

JavaScript Newsletter

The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2018

The results of a 6,000 developers survey from JetBrains, JavaScript rocking. JetBrains

Node.js Annual User Survey Data

And another survey, in case you missed it, this case the annual NodeJS Survey, with more than 1600 people spanning more than 100 countries. Medium NodeJS

Watching files changes in Node.js

A nice article talking about how to watch files changes with Node.js code. Actually watching the files from code, not using a tool like node-watch. ThisDaveJS

A V8 TypeScript runtime to fix Node.js issues?

So, Ryan Dahl the inventor of Node.js loves TypeScript, and created a V8 runtime powered by it.
You can see his talk about the 10 things that he regrets about Node.js Deno

7 ways to use ES modules today... or tomorrow

Talks about how to use ES modules with Babel, ESM (module loader), Rollup, Webpack and TypeScript. Hackernoon

A React component that lets you render browser specific content

Now you can tell the browsers you don't like to use the one you like... and many other uses. RenderInBrowser

React conference in Twitch

Online, and the tickets are free! Such a nice idea. Conference is in August 30-31, so don't miss it. Byteconf

Building an API with Node, GraphQL, MongoDB, Hapi, and Swagger

Even if you're not using one of those, is a nice starter view of those tools. FreeCodeCamp

An overview on CORS

So what is CORS? What's the history? Go read this now! CORS

Cross Platform Development with Haxe

Haxe is not exactly JavaScript, but this language compiles to JavaScript so check it out if you need to support many systems. This article talks about the benefits. TopTal

Implementation of BLAS with JS (TypeScript)

Basic Linear Algebra SubPrograms are routines that provide standard building blocks for performing basic vector and matrix operations. This one in JavaScript for 32 bit and 64 bit arithmetic. BLASJS

A new TypeScript release, 2.9

The titles: Support number and symbol named properties with keyof and mapped types. Generic type arguments in JSX elements. Generic type arguments in generic tagged templates. Import types. Support for import.meta. Plus some. TypeScript 2.9

The NodeJS Event Loop (video)

"Not so Single Threaded", some interesting facts about Node.js YouTube

Play and guess the GitHub project with more stars

Yes, this is a nice game made with GitHub repositories. GitHub Game

Building an infinitely repeating array with Generators

A quick and practical use case for ES6 Generators. ITNext

Minimal standalone library for DOM manipulation

This mini library has around 100 lines of code, and already more than 400 stars on GitHub.
$('#c').css('background-color:red').text('Hello'); nanoJS

MobX reaches version 5

A nice library for state management, new version supports Proxy, also breaking changes. MobX

Making well-organized APIs with Node.js, Restify, Joi and Mongo

A nice long article with a step by step guide to building a full simple API. auth0

Nice lib to generate random avatars

A nice lib to generate unique Bitmoji avatars, pulled from the Bitmoji asset database. libmoji

A small library to implement pull to refresh

Seems like a nice feature to add to your app or web, check the sample code:
PullToRefresh.init({ mainElement: '#main', // above which element? onRefresh: function (done) { setTimeout(function () { done(); // end pull to refresh alert('refresh'); }, 1500); } }); PullToRefresh

Optimizing React: Virtual DOM explained

A nice long article with lots of nice advice. Martian Chronicles

The new Vue-Cli 3 UI

A quick view of the new UI from vue-cli, really looking awesome! Medium

VSCode 1.24 May 2018 version released

Unused code detection, move to new file, duplicate workspace, update imports on move or rename, and more! VSCode

A Graph visualization library

A very nice graph library including an editor. Documentation and site not in English as of now.
const graph = new G6.Graph({ container: 'mountNode', width: 500, height: 500 });; G6

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