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June 06, 2018

JavaScript Newsletter

Vuesax: Frontend Vue Components

Already with 849 stars on GitHub, Vuesax has a lot of modern responsive components for you to use with Vue 2. Vuesax

Node DoS Security Updates

NodeJS will be releasing new versions of all supported release lines around June 12th, 2018. nodejs-sec

Progressively highlight any text on a page

A library to highlight text on any page or show progress of a task, get creative. LuminJS

Read, learn and take quizzes on JavaScript new features

Short ebook to learn all the new features from 2015 to 2018. The Complete Guide To Modern JavaScript

Solving the legacy JavaScript issue with Micro-Frontends

An interesting path to solve issues with legacy JavaScript without migrating to a bit Framework. HackingTalent

Adding VUE to your technology stack

A nice long article to help you getting Vue.js into your current Stack. Monterail

Apple Maps in your Website

Apple just released MapKit JS, enabling you to show Apple Maps in your website with Search and Directions. Apple - MapKit JS

Building a React Mask Toggle Password Input Component

Shawn writes a tutorial for you to create a Mask Toggle Password Input with React and Material UI

Continuous Delivery and Feature Testing in NodeJS

A nice read on how to use Fflip to toggle features on your project. Some examples as read on fflip GitHub: Working on an experimental new design? Starting a closed beta? Rolling out a new feature over the next few weeks? Sicara

3D Engine with WebGL2 and WebAssembly

A new 3D engine for you to play with using glmw (a WebAssembly powered Matrix and Vector library). Check out the cool demo. This is how things get started. Rokon

A new Multi-Database JavaScript query builder

A first piece of the proposal by Beamery, called QueryCraft, to help create a database agnostic API, followed by other proposals like ReportCraft, SentenceCraft and ReportSelector (still not available). Check out their ideas. BeameryHQ

Simple, modern, opinionated JavaScript unit testing

Luna is an opinionated unit testing framework with no configuration options and no plugins, uses ES6 modules with rollup to transpile (does not work with TypeScript or Coffeescript). So why use it? Check out the blog post for more info. Basically, to avoid a lot of pain points when you start testing plus some goodies. Luna

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